What’s in a Name? CBD Spectrums (Part Two)

What's in a Name_ CBD Spectrums Part Two

What CBD spectrum is better — a CBD isolate or broad spectrum CBD product? Find out here!

In part one, we introduced the idea that not all CBD products are the same — there are full spectrum CBD products, CBD isolates, and broad spectrum. We covered full spectrum products and now in part two, we’ll examine what the difference is in the other two.

Healing Power of Hemp offers a variety of CBD products from full spectrum to CBD isolates. Learn more about the types of CBD extracts in today’s post!

More on the CBD Spectrums

From part one we learned that a full spectrum CBD keeps all the goodness of the hemp plant intact, allowing all the cannabinoids, terpenes, phytochemicals, flavonoids, etc all work together! Below we’ll get to know the other types a little better including a CBD isolate and broad spectrum CBD.

CBD Isolate

A CBD isolate is just that — CBD in isolation or the compound found exclusively by itself. In a CBD isolate, no other compounds (terpenes, other cannabinoids, flavonoids, etc) are present. The best way to explain this is by using vitamin C as an example.

Ascorbic acid (isolated vitamin C) is hugely popular and what many of us take when we are getting sick. We rip open a package of isolated vitamin C, add water, and stir. This is the isolate. The difference between an isolate and whole-food vitamin C is taking the powder vs. eating an orange.

Why take a CBD isolate?

Many people prefer a CBD isolate because all the THC has been removed, so there are not even trace amounts. This can come in handy for those who take regular drug tests or work for government entities or trucking companies and still want to reap the benefits of CBD without any THC present.

But, don’t let this scare you. While we make no claims that you will pass a drug test if you take a full spectrum product because it does contain trace amounts of THC, however, if you want to be 100 percent sure, a CBD isolate is the way to go.  

Broad Spectrum CBD

A broad spectrum CBD product is the best of both worlds — it’s a beautiful fusion between a full spectrum and CBD isolate.

Similar to a full spectrum product, the beneficial compounds are preserved while staying true to a CBD isolate and remaining THC-free. So, you get the benefits of the entourage effect without any THC.

Why use a broad spectrum CBD product?

This extract is really the happy medium between an isolate and full spectrum product because you get the benefits of both types. It can be used safely and without risk for those who have to take regular drug tests.

You and the CBD Spectrum

It’s important to note here that the type of CBD product you choose to take is a personal decision, and we’re not here to imply that any CBD type is better than another — just different.

Because each person is uniquely different, the way you respond to a type of CBD will be determined by factors such as your weight, your metabolism, and the other things you are taking.

It may take some experimenting and time when finding a CBD product that suits your needs best, so if you find one is not working, switch it up.

CBD types such as an isolate, full spectrum, and broad spectrum all have a place in CBD products and they all offer the healing benefits of cannabidiol.

To search our products and find a CBD product tailored to you such as a tincture or lotion, reach out to us today!