What’s in a Name? CBD Spectrums (Part One)

What's in a Name_ CBD Spectrums Part One

From a CBD isolate to a broad spectrum CBD product, what’s the difference?

If you’re venturing into CBD, the information out there is viscous and can be difficult to navigate through — after all, there isn’t just one simple product, it’s not like going to the drugstore and picking up ibuprofen.

CBD is crafted in many different forms and they all have different advantages, but all support your body to come into better health.

Healing Power of Hemp cultivates CBD products with you in mind. With transparent practices and premium hemp tinctures, salves, and lotions, healing is just a drop away! Take a moment with us today and boost your CBD prowess as we examine the differences in CBD spectrums.

CBD Spectrums

If you’ve been diving into CBD products, there are so many things to understand, and the way in which CBD is produced is just one of the many facets. There are three terms that may sound slightly similar, but when distilled, they’re all somewhat different.

From a CBD isolate and full spectrum to a broad spectrum CBD product, these are the types of CBD extractions with vital factors that every CBD user should understand.

Below we’ll explore all three types and the benefits and opportunities of both.

Full Spectrum CBD

A full spectrum CBD product keeps the whole of the cannabis or hemp plant intact, meaning nothing is removed. In this whole plant extract, you’ll find supportive compounds such as other cannabinoids (including a minute amount of THC), terpenes, phytochemicals, and essential oils.

The THC that is present in full spectrum CBD extracts again is very, very low, less than 0.3 percent — below or at the legal limit.

What does this all mean?

The best way to examine a full spectrum CBD product is the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, or in the industry what we like to call the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is the culmination of all the properties in CBD (cannabinoids, terpenes, etc) and how they all work together to produce a therapeutic effect that can only happen when they’re all present and not isolated compounds.  

It was once highly regarded that a CBD isolate was a premier product, but many studies have since come out finding CBD full spectrum products just as effective and sometimes even providing increased levels of relief.  

It was also found that when taking higher dosages of a full spectrum CBD its effects were elevated.

Why take a full spectrum CBD product?

We know that the entourage effect is, in fact, genuine, so keeping the plant in its most natural state allows all the other compounds to synergistically work together for optimal therapeutic benefits.

A full spectrum CBD product is most beneficial when taken internally in a tincture or capsule.

Now that we’re on the right path to discerning the different types of CBD and know exactly what defines a full spectrum CBD product, stay tuned for part two as we navigate a CBD isolate and broad spectrum CBD product.

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