The Beginner’s Guide to CBD (Part Two)

The Beginner's Guide to CBD Part Two

Dive deep and expand your CBD knowledge!

In part one, we began to examine common CBD questions such as the legality of it and different forms you can take it in. If you missed our post, read it here.  In today’s post, we’ll get into more specific questions and give you practical advice on how to take a tincture and explore the different extraction methods.

Your wellness is our focus at Healing Power of Hemp, which is why we’ve compiled a list of questions — to help you get a better grasp on the new and emerging space of CBD! Join us for more of your most commonly asked questions!

Common CBD Questions  

Q: How do you take a tincture?

A:  Even though it may seem pretty self-explanatory, there are tips and tricks to taking a tincture! To optimize your CBD delivery, try the following.

  1. Disperse the CBD under the tongue. Keep in mind there is alcohol in the product so it may burn a little.
  2. Let the CBD sit for three to 10 seconds and swallow. We always recommend having a glass of water near by so you can swish it down immediately.
  3. If it isn’t suspended in an oil such as coconut or MCT, eat a fat with your tincture. CBD is fat soluble and will be better absorbed with the addition of fat. Think guacamole, dairy, or nut butter.

Q: Can I vape CBD?

A: Yes, you can absolutely vape CBD! And, the best part is, you only have to use a couple of drops and its absorption is almost immediate. You may need to get a specific vape pen for CBD, so connect with us for more information!

Q: What does CBD taste like?

A: Depending on what kind of CBD you are using — an isolate vs. a whole-plant extraction — it will vary in flavor. Plain, unflavored CBD from a whole-plant extract will have an herbal, cannabis taste, while a CBD isolate is generally flavorless.

When it’s combined into health and beauty products such as hemp lotions and hemp body oils, sometimes there is a slight earthy/herbal smell, but it the carrier oil and any added scents will be the prominent scent.

Q: What is the difference between a whole plant extract and a CBD isolate?

A: First let’s distinguish between the two.

  • Whole plant extract – When CBD is derived from a whole plant extract it means that all of its constituents are preserved — all of the cannabinoids are intact.  
  • CBD isolate – A CBD isolate is just the CBD extracted from cannabis, isolated without the other cannabinoids present.

One has other compounds left in it (whole-plant extract) and one is purely the CBD compound.

With the recent emergence of CBD products, there is still much to be uncovered and answered about this power player in cannabis, so stay tuned for part three!

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