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Brenda McChesney Mino

CEO and Founder

Welcome and thank you for visiting Healing Power of Hemp!

I am the CEO and Founder of Flourish Hemp Health - an innovative Hemp Health and Wellness Movement that includes Healing Power of Hemp - our high milligram hemp CBD product line, Flourish Hemp Health Studio, and Flourish AVEDA Wellness - the nation's first fully integrated AVEDA and Hemp CBD Spa, Salon, and Wellness Studio located in Centennial, Colorado!

For the last 20 years, I worked to support the healthy growth and development of children and families in the non-profit and philanthropic sectors. My experience working locally and nationally in family strengthening and support helped me understand what families need to be safe, stable, and strong. I witnessed true resilience in the face of adversity and watched dreams materialize through the power of intention. I truly thought I understood the knowledge, skills, and abilities fundamental for families to flourish, that is until a devastating accident made pain the all-consuming lead role in the story of my life at the age of 36.

In one brief moment on a cold Colorado night, I was transformed from a glass-half-full, “taking on the world extrovert”, to an injured, all-pain encompassing, “maybe when I feel better” kind of introvert. My optimism and vitality for life was replaced with prayers for being able to get through the day. My head and neck injury flipped my life upside down leaving me feeling physically helpless, emotionally deflated, and mentally overwhelmed. I felt robbed of my ability to thrive as the woman, mom, professional, and wife that I once was. I had moments where I honestly felt I’d never recover.

Unfortunately, my story is not dissimilar from the many millions of Americans seeking reprieve from chronic pain and stress, and the cascading effect it has on the body, mind, and soul. My accident left me with herniated and bulging discs, a mild-traumatic brain injury, TMJ disorder, insomnia, anxiety and depression, severe whiplash, 25 percent impairment for life, and triggered the onset of fibromyalgia. The chronic cycle of pain, discomfort, and imbalance left me desperate and yearning for a holistic alternative to my prescribed opioids and medications.

Three years, three months, and three neck procedures later, I discovered the healing benefits of hemp-based CBD. After the first night of taking CBD, I not only slept through the night, I slept more than I had for the last 39 months! And the best part, this wasn’t a fluke occurrence.  Night after night my sleep continued to be deep and uninterrupted. When I added CBD to my morning and evening routine, topically and internally, I noticed huge differences. I began feeling rested, emotionally balanced, and mentally alert once again. The inflammation and arthritic pain in my wrists, knees, hips, and shoulders virtually disappeared and my neck pain was the lowest it had been since my accident. My life was transforming before my eyes. I began to see the promise of living a life of abundance again. Pain no longer needed to be the beginning, middle, and end to my day. It was here, in the space of healing and moving beyond the eye of my worst storm, that the Healing Power of Hemp was born.

I created Healing Power of Hemp to offer an affordable, healthy plant-based alternative and/or accompaniment to managing pain, inflammation, sleeplessness, stress, and imbalance. Our locally made all-natural and organic products infuse whole spectrum hemp oil and CBD isolate (100 percent THC-free!) grown from Colorado industrial hemp with essential oils believed to promote soothing, relaxation, rest, focus, and even a little touch of romance, just to name a few.

I wholeheartedly believe hemp-based health should be affordable, accessible, and available to all. Healing Power of Hemp products contain all the quality and effectiveness of our competitors for 30 to 60 percent of the price. That means more product at less cost with a large variety of products to meet your internal and external hemp health needs.

I invite you to ignite your zen with our plant-based power for mind, body, and soul.