Insider Tips For Everything CBD-Related! (Part Two)

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In part one, we began our CBD deep dive and explored insider tips when it comes to how you use, thus experience CBD products. From knowing your body, how to optimally take a CBD tincture, and why you should take CBD with a fat to determining the amount of CBD in each dropperful, there is a lot of information out there when it comes to CBD, but we’re here as a resource to provide you the inside scoop. 


If you missed part one, go back and check out the wealth of CBD knowledge!


At Healing Power Of Hemp, it’s not only vital to invest in a high-quality CBD product, but it’s also important that you have a solid understanding of how to use it for the best CBD experience. Pause for a moment and get more insider tips to using our CBD products!


Additional CBD Insider Information!


There is a wealth of knowledge surrounding CBD and it’s an ever-emerging industry as the research and science piece is expanding, which means there is always a new takeaway to this green goddess! 


Let’s explore more exciting CBD information below!


CBD And Women’s Health


One of the most important factors to consider when taking CBD is how it impacts estrogen in women. Because the female hormone estrogen is so abundant, CBD has more of an effect on women than men because of how it’s metabolized. 


Estrogen more readily breaks down and absorbs CBD, so women typically feel its effects more quickly. 


Women are also more sensitive to cannabinoids — think of when estrogen peaks, one to two days before ovulation — which is why CBD products are so helpful combating cramping and PMS symptoms. 


When taking CBD, improve your sex drive through lower doses, but ensure you don’t take too much — high doses of CBD in women has been known to have the opposite and tanks the libido!


Tips For Women And Using CBD


Use CBD as a personal lubricant! 

Wind down with our potent and pleasurable blend of Ignite 2-in-1 Sensual CBD Massage Oil. A simple addition to enhance any intimate experience. Our silky gliding blend is made with MCT oil, Jojoba Oil, organic Ylang-Ylang essential oil, and whole spectrum CBD distillate.

Our discrete two-ounce pump container offers 500mg of CBD pleasure, comfort and relaxation. Ignite will become your new favorite bedroom companion.

Use CBD for Cramps! 


Cramps can put any strong female out of commission, so incorporate CBD to your arsenal!

What’s the heaviest hitting CBD product for the days cramps are so awful that getting out of bed is a challenge? The favorite amongst our clients and team are our 100mg CBD Bath Bombs

Take your hot bath a step further with our Colorado inspired hemp derived all-organic handmade CBD bath bombs. A pressed blend of skin safe carbonates, our luscious CBD distillate infused medium chain triglyceride oil, along with essential oils for a truly soothing experience!

We recommend doubling up and applying our CBD lotions and oils topically wherever pain is present and adding our CBD capsules or CBD tinctures for internal support. 


CBD Support For Men


Research is out that when men and women take the same amount of CBD, men don’t experience the same amount of relief as women, largely due to the effects of estrogen. 


So, the first thing for men to consider when taking a CBD product is that you may need to take more. Men also experience elevated testosterone levels when they use CBD in the short-term, but when men consistently use CBD long-term, testosterone levels may drop. And, when testosterone drops, so does their sex drive. 


This wraps up insider ways to use CBD, but always check back to our blog for more resources on CBD because the knowledge and our understanding of it is ever-evolving!


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