Insider Tips For Everything CBD-Related! (Part One)

Insider Tips For Everything CBD-Related! (Part One)

It’s the Wild West when it comes to CBD — get inside information here!

Though CBD is becoming more common and less taboo and because it’s such a new space in health and wellness for most of us, it’s difficult to maneuver all the information that is out there and finally get started on a CBD product.

Is this you? This is the post for you! We’re going to extract the most pertinent information that will expand your CBD knowledge with insider information to help you navigate your CBD journey.

Everyone begins their CBD sojourn somewhere, and oftentimes it takes a little time and experimentation. With Healing Power of Hemp, we are your ally and resource when it comes to CBD products and education. Read on and discover information to help and guide you as you find healing in CBD.

CBD Insider Information

Before we dive into the juicy information, let’s touch on one aspect of CBD — it’s completely individualized!

When you begin using CBD, as convoluted as it sounds, its effects will depend solely on the person. It’s not to shy away from giving dosing or milligram advice, it’s just that everyone’s experience with CBD will be different — CBD works with your body and with the endocannabinoid system within you.

With that said, it may take a little tweaking and experimenting with different CBD products to find what really works for you.

With that said, we come to the first insider tip, get to know your body!

Get to know your body.

To know how your body responds to CBD, start with a product and take notes…seriously! Write down how you feel before, during, and after you take the CBD product.

Here are some tips for taking the CBD.

Start with a specific milligram. Whether you choose 500mg or 1,000mg you can easily scale up or scale down to get the desired effect.

In the industry the adage is, start low and go slow. So, if you’re starting with either strength, here is how you can better implement different dosages.

  • Take the full dropperful all at once – People who suffer from acute pain and discomfort will often take the full amount in one dose. Try this out and record how you feel.
  • Break the dosage up – Those with chronic or systemic discomfort will often break the dosages into two per day. You can start with half the amount in the morning, followed by the other half at night.
  • Take it as needed – With more acute health issues, people will take it as needed. So, if you’re feeling anxious before a big test, you can take it beforehand or if a raging headache just hit, take it now.

Taking a tincture.

If you’ve never taken a tincture before, there is much to learn! Let’s take it step-by-step.

  1. Fill your CBD dropper with the desired dosage.
  2. Place the CBD under your tongue (note: some CBD has alcohol in it so it may slightly burn).
  3. Let CBD sit for a couple of seconds for maximum absorption.
  4. Take a drink of water as you swallow the CBD.

Placing it under your tongue is the key — your tongue is highly vascular and aids in the absorption of CBD by directing it to your bloodstream for a quicker reaction time.

Taking CBD with a fat.

CBD is fat-soluble, so its more readily absorbed with its paired with a fat. Typically it will be suspended in a fat such as MCT, hemp, or olive oil which does help with absorption. However, if you’re taking it in capsule form or if you really want to help the CBD get to where it’s going, eat it with a fat. This can be a spoonful of your favorite nut butter, breakfast bacon, chips and guacamole, or even a scoop of coconut cream!

Determining the amount of CBD in each dropperful.

Typically, you’ll take a CBD dose by the dropperful which breaks down to about 1ml per serving. A 30ml or one ounce bottle has about 30 servings.

Each bottle comes with the amount of CBD present in the whole bottle, for example, 500mg is the present in the one-ounce bottle.

So, how do you know what you’re getting per serving?

Take the entire milligrams present and divided it by the amount of services in each bottle.

500mg/30ml= 16.66mg of CBD ina dropperful

Figuring out what’s best for you will take time, and becoming more in tune with your body will be helpful in determining how the CBD is affecting you. And, when you properly take a tincture and take CBD with a fat, you’ll increase the absorbtion and likely speed its effectiveness! 

We’ve covered a couple of insider tips to help you on your CBD quest, and there are many to uncover — stay tuned for part two!


If you have any CBD questions or are curious about the right product for you, connect with us today!