Cannacomplexion: How CBD Products Can Elevate Your Skincare Routine (Part Two)

Cannacomplexion_ How CBD Products Can Elevate Your Skincare Routine Part Two

Skin health goes beyond what you slather and lather it in, it starts from the inside out!

In part one, we introduced the importance of healthy skin and some factors that affect it. In part two, we’ll slide right into more aspects that may be causing your skin concerns, after all, CBD skincare products work more effectively and can combat your skin issues when everything is better balanced.

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Skin Health Basics

While CBD-infused skincare products are a breath of fresh air for your complexion, it is even more efficacious when your body is in harmony. Below are nutrition and lifestyle factors that support your body, thus supporting the health of your skin.  


Physical activity and exercise is never a bad thing, in fact, it can really benefit your skin because it activates your lymphatic system which helps clear toxins and improves the way your skin looks.

There is, however, something to mention about working out and failing to clean up afterward. Research has emerged in the study of our microbiome, and just as much as it impacts our gut health, it also plays a role in our skin health.

Scientists are actually finding that it’s okay and actually beneficial to let your sweat sit and soak on your skin for a while after your workout, but it still is important to wash your sweaty skin gently yet thoroughly, a couple hours after your workout or before you go to bed.  


Nutrition can also impact your skin health. It was once widely accepted that eating fried foods and eating a ton of sugar wouldn’t affect your skin — but it does, it’s called acne and premature aging. A poor diet spikes inflammation in your skin which leaves you looking tired, puffy, and red.

Staying hydrated and drinking water, coupled with eating a nutritious diet full of nourishing foods will better combat systemic inflammation and keep your skin healthy and glowy. Below are a couple of vitamins that support skin health.

  • Vitamin A – Supports skin texture.
  • Riboflavin (vitamin B1) – Great for skin support for those who suffer from cold sores or breakouts around the lips, nose, and mouth.
  • Niacin (vitamin B3) – Supports and combats skin damage from the sun.
  • Vitamin C – Supports the healing of skin.
  • Vitamin D – Supports overall skin health.


There are many lifestyle factors that can contribute to poor skin health. Smoking, elevated stress levels, and overexposure to the sun all play a role in skin concerns such as premature aging and dry skin.

Now that we know how the importance of healthy skin and how to better manage it through better nutrition and lifestyle factors, we’ll explore how hemp can give you the cannacomplexion you’ve been waiting for.

This series will expand into a third part, stay tuned as we finally delve into CBD skincare!

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