Cannacomplexion: How CBD Products Can Elevate Your Skincare Routine (Part Three)

Cannacomplexion_ How CBD Products Can Elevate Your Skincare Routine Part Three

Why choose CBD-based skincare over other skincare products or methods?

Over the last two parts of this series, we’ve taken a rooted look into why healthy skin is important and the parts factor into it. As we’ve uncovered, when we address skincare in a broader picture both internally and externally, this is where real healing is found.

Healthy skin is something that can’t just be treated — finding the core of your skin concerns begins with adjusting your lifestyle and diet and is only amplified and improved with CBD-infused skincare products. Healing Power of Hemp is here to elevate your skincare routine with CBD lotions and oils so you can experience the very best a cannacomplexion can offer. Join in on our discussion and learn how CBD may just be the missing compound in your skincare products!

Why Include CBD for Skincare?

Hemp is a lovely and highly healing plant that we already know addresses how our bodies deal with inflammation, and inflammation plays a vital role in a majority of our skin woes including acne and rosacea. CBD beautifully combats puffiness, redness, swelling, and tenderness in one fell swoop, making it the premier compound and comprehensive compound that supports and improves a myriad of skincare concerns.

Can CBD support a clear complexion?

Acne can be a frustrating skin condition to manage — after all, there are so many theories and treatments it’s difficult to sift through what works and what is a scam. Research continues to indicate that CBD can help support and manage acne.

One of the theories used to explain why acne occurs is that of overactive sebaceous glands. The glands become clogged with an onslaught of oil and results in acne breakouts. Scientists have found that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) affects and regulates cutaneous cell differentiation and growth and balances inflammation.

The crucial takeaway from this research is that CBD inhibits sebocytes, thus slowing the overproduction of sebaceous glands.

If you experience especially painful and irritated cystic acne, CBD binds to specific receptors in our bodies known as TRPV-1, where it helps disguise discomfort, thus soothing our skin and how we perceive the pain.

Do you love science? Read the fascinating research here!

Can CBD combat the signs of aging?

Not only does CBD tackle acne, but it is advantageous for combating the signs of aging. Whether you’re dealing with wrinkles, a dull, dry complexion, or sagging skin, CBD can promote a youthful glow — and that’s something we can all get behind, right?!

Hemp is high in antioxidants which effectively fight the signs of aging. It tackles inflammation and scavenges for free radicals. Adding both a CBD topical (lotion or oil) and a tincture is highly recommended because you’re addressing the free radicals both internally and externally for a concerted effort!

Inflammation balance and combating acne? This is why CBD is being implemented into skin care products and routines — people are loving its healing properties!  

Is CBD right for sensitive skin?

CBD is a gentle yet powerful player as a skincare option. CBD isn’t drying and there aren’t any harsh chemicals that can leave your skin raw — hemp is from nature and it heals with its rhythms.

CBD is soothing and calming and has been found to obstruct triggers for psoriasis and eczema — keeping flare-ups at bay.

Normalize Hemp One CBD Product at a Time!

Destigmatize one of nature’s leading compounds — CBD! You will not get high from CBD- and hemp-based beauty products. So, if you are struggling with acne, aging woes, or sensitive skin concerns, CBD skincare products are the sterling choice when it comes to effective and holistic choices.

Cozy up to CBD today and reach out to us for more information of the CBD-infused skincare lotions and oils we have!