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All-natural products infused with essential oils & Colorado grown CBD

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Plant-Based Power for Mind, Body & Soul

For centuries and across cultures hemp has been recognized as a source of holistic health and wellness. We infuse the wisdom of ancient knowledge with the dynamic needs of modern day living to support your journey toward inner-peace and balance.

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About Us

Learn about our journey in discovering the Healing Power of Hemp.

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Affordable, healthy plant-based alternative to managing pain, inflammation, sleeplessness, stress and imbalance. 3rd party tested.

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We invite you to experience the amazing power of plant-based hemp health for your mind, body, and soul.

"The Healing Power of Hemp body butter is literally my go-to for everything! It helps burns, bruises, cuts, and scrapes feel better and heal faster. I love it for my feet, cuticles, even my lips. It is a head-to-toe cure-all with convenient packaging and easy application."   -Liddy- Aesthetician, Aurora CO

"CBD is the most surprising and effective pain relief I have ever encountered with absolutely no side effects other than complete absence of pain and a restful night’s sleep. I encourage anyone with chronic pain to try the Healing Power of Hemp's CBD capsules and enjoy pain relief."   -Marian, Denver CO

"Since taking the Flourish CBD Capsules I am sleeping through the night without taking sleeping pills for the first time in years! The capsules and the body butter have reduced the aches and pains in my body. I just love your products!"   -Terry, Benicia CA

"The lotion base in the Release Hemp Massage Lotion is amazing! Extremely moisturizing and fast absorbing with a great clean, natural scent. This is my go to for bug bites, sun burns, after an intense workout and for extra relaxation after a stressful day."   -Marian, Denver CO

"Unique products that stand alone in the hemp world with high concentrated cannabidiol and high grade essential oil ingredients in a body butter stick form! These ladies have so much love for healing that its evident everywhere! I will be buying more products asap!!   -Nadia, Littleton CO

Our mission as a company is to provide natural, safe, and effective products that promote holistic health and wellness.

Coming Soon- Naked CBD! An Infused Cookbook

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